Novus holds 2nd annual Korea Workshop in collaboration with Korea Development Bank (KDB)

With the
objective of sharing a lessor’s perspective on risk management, including an industry
outlook for the months ahead, Novus Aviation Capital recently organized a
highly successful workshop in Korea in partnership with the Korea Development
Bank (“KDB”).

The event attracted more than 60 participants from various
financial institutions, including banks, securities firms, insurance companies,
pensions and asset management companies.

The 2nd workshop held in Korea kicked off with a
brief introduction on recent aircraft financing activities from Mr. KJ Yang,
Head of Aviation Finance at KDB. This was followed by a presentation by Wesley
Pollard, Senior Vice President, Research and Risk, Novus, who offered an
in-depth insight into the current state of play in the industry, with a
particular focus on aircraft lessor diversity and the associated challenges and

George Young Ho Ai, Executive Vice President at Novus Aviation
Capital said, “At Novus, our goals are to provide attractive transactions to
our Korean partner investors and to promote the long-term interests of the
aviation sector. Such events provide a valuable platform for the exchange of
ideas and building of fresh connections, which ultimately serve to benefit the
industry as a whole.”

Building on the success of the first two workshops, Novus
plans to continue holding the Korea Workshop on an annual basis with KDB to offer
a dedicated knowledge-sharing platform for industry experts.

Yang, the Head of Aviation Finance Team at KDB said, “We believe that there is a
huge potential for growth in the Korean market, driven by commercial banks and diverse
capital market players. This creates a need to introduce new products and share
market insights through events like today’s workshop. It was our pleasure to
co-host this workshop with our long-term partner, Novus Aviation Capital, which
allowed us to explore various future opportunities in the Korean market and
exchange valuable insights.”

About Novus Aviation Capital

With 24 years of aircraft leasing, financing and trading experience, Dubai-based Novus is
one of the world’s fastest-growing
aircraft leasing financing platforms in the world. Operating globally out of
five offices in Europe, Asia and the
Middle East, the company has an aircraft portfolio under the management of around
50 aircraft worth nearly $4 billion.

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